Catching Zzzzz’s In Uniquely San Francisco Hotels

Pebblebrook Hotel Trust, a real estate investment trust specializing in “upper upscale” hotels in major American gateway cities, is adding to its San Francisco hotels portfolio. This new edition is the latest of a local Unofficial “Z” Collection, the fourth Pebblebrook Bay Area investment with a name starting with the last letter of the alphabet. Like the other three, this newest addition’s interior design is spearheaded by Seattle’s Andrea Dawson Sheehan, founder of Dawson Design Associates.

A Unique Partnership for Uniquely San Francisco Hotels

It is the partnership between Pebblebrook and Dawson Design Associates that seems to provide a certain chemistry of success for these unique San Francisco hotels. The art and architecture of all four properties utilize re-purposed and recycled materials, all pulled together with a playful spin on sustainability.

“We approached each hotel as its own canvas. Great art guides our design process. With each experience, we aim to evoke a strong emotional response and intimate connection with our guests. That experience is both playfully provocative and entertaining, yet warm and inviting,” explained Andrea Dawson Sheehan.

Sheehan continued, “We strive to develop hotel spaces that are highly flexible and designed for multiple uses including social gatherings, intimate hideaways and impromptu business meetings. Our guests demand multiple options for their functions and activities, so we’ve set out to meet their needs in a fun and engaging way.”

Catching Zzzzz's In Uniquely San Francisco Hotels | Roulez Magazine

Repurposed eyeglass chandeliers of the Hotel Zetta

Unofficial “Z” Collection

Each of Pebblebrook’s San Francisco hotels offer a uniquely contemporary experience for guests. Guestrooms and common areas provide a local lifestyle experience for guests in socially engaging surroundings. Artistic design suited to both leisure and business visitors helps the guests connect, relax and unwind with a certain playful inventiveness. Although common threads of play, service standards and creativity exists between all four hotels, each of the Unofficial “Z” Collection provides its own distinct vibe and attitude.

“We work closely with Dawson to create original, stylish and interactive travel experiences in what we refer to as our Unofficial ‘Z’ Collection,” said Jon Bortz, Chairman, President and CEO of Pebblebrook. “Pebblebrook places design, art, play and sustainability at the forefront of the individual guest experience. This deeply collaborative approach captures the personal values and ever-changing needs of our fast-evolving and savvy guests.”

Catching Zzzzz's In Uniquely San Francisco Hotels | Roulez Magazine

Hotel Zetta

Hotel Zetta

Hotel Zetta was the first of Pebblebrook’s Unofficial “Z” Collection. This hotel was designed to capture the pulse and style of the tech industry using unique design elements, like a 30′ art installation of an interactive Plinko game. Another feature is a backlit wall of Alcatraz inmates providing a sort of wink to famed “Facebook” of San Francisco. In keeping with the re-purposing approach of all of the properties, Hotel Zetta’s front desk is crafted using stacked, reclaimed lumber. Old eyeglasses form creative chandeliers and sculptures created from recycled electronics contribute to the Silicon Valley vibe.

Dining at Hotel Zetta includes The Cavalier, an avant-garde, upscale British brasserie and bar created by Big Night Restaurant Group and designed by Ken Fulk.

Catching Zzzzz's In Uniquely San Francisco Hotels | Roulez Magazine

The Cavalier of Hotel Zetta, fashioned after the interior of an old luxury rail car.

Catching Zzzzz's In Uniquely San Francisco Hotels | Roulez Magazine

Hotel Zelos

Hotel Zelos

The duality of Escher was inspiration for Hotel Zelos, an interactive spin on surrealism. When entering the hotel, guests embark upon a sort of overnight adventure into a realm where design fuses fantasy and illusion with reality. Hotel Zelos is a nod to San Francisco’s gaming community. In the sexy Dirty Habit lounge and bar, guests become their own avatar, interacting with others and playing. Hotel Zelos’ lobby chandeliers are made of broken mirrors, which serve as a sort of foreshadowing for Dirty Habit’s intrigue of concrete, exposed pipes and darkness.

Catching Zzzzz's In Uniquely San Francisco Hotels | Roulez Magazine

Hotel Zephyr of Fisherman’s Wharf

Hotel Zephyr

Catching Zzzzz's In Uniquely San Francisco Hotels | Roulez MagazineThe third of Pebblebrook’s San Francisco hotels, Hotel Zephyr, is a Fisherman’s Wharf maritime adventure. Guests are encouraged to enjoy the Yard, a stylish outdoor space for play and people-watching. The Yard was inspired by the prison yard of one of the world’s most famous prisons which looms on the hotel’s horizon, Alcatraz. Out in the Yard, adults engage in games surrounded by steampunk sculptures, fire pits and cargo containers. The entire area is designed to emulate the spirit and cultural overtone of the piers of Fisherman’s Wharf.

Catching Zzzzz's In Uniquely San Francisco Hotels | Roulez Magazine

Hotel Zephyr’s Cargo Container-Inspired Interior

Hotel Zeppelin

Hotel Zeppelin is the newest of the Unofficial “Z” Collection. Located in the former Prescott Hotel, Zeppelin has been designed to reflect the era for which San Francisco is probably most famous, that of the 1960s “Summer of Love.” Upon walking into the hotel, a life-sized female figure sculpted of hardware and recycled tools greets guests. Throughout the newest property’s spaces, the rebellious counterculture of the City By the Bay is imbibed to provide a seductive experience for guests. Rule breakers and world changers otherwise known as poets, artists, writers and musicians provided inspiration for interior design.

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