Zents: When the Going Gets Tough…

ZENTS: When the Going Gets Tough... | Roulez Magazine | RoulezMagazine.com

In 2012 I met a man and his company’s team in my then-employer’s stuffy little boardroom. His story impressed me enough that I held onto it for five years. Now I want to pass that story onto you. It has been told a few times since that meeting – by the brand, me and the press in general. But I have never written about Zents, until now.

From Pain to Purposeful Healing

ZENTS: When the Going Gets Tough... | Roulez Magazine | RoulezMagazine.comCord Coen, the Colorado founder of Zents, was in an auto accident that left him with severe injuries. He suffered debilitation and brain injury that brought intense migraines, chronic pain and even loss of his sense of smell. After two years of rehabilitation, he reached that point in healing where no one expected continued improvement. He was at a plateau in that place where life would never be the same as before the accident.

This is where the tough get going, quite literally all the way to India. Coen stayed with a host family and spent a year healing the East Indian way, through meditation, yoga, pranayama, massage and internal herbal treatments. Eight hours each day he concentrated on wellness. At the end of his year-long journey, his pain was gone. His sense of smell returned, also allowing him to taste foods again. His body healed and his mind ripened with the dream of spreading this remarkable healing spirit using scents and soothing ingredients he experienced in India.

ZENTS: When the Going Gets Tough... | Roulez Magazine | RoulezMagazine.com

India Born, Globally Sourced and Colorado Developed

Coen returned to Colorado and developed a spa collection designed to uplift and soothe. Called Zents, the brand’s fragrances, lotions, oils, soaps and other products are beautifully crafted toward presentation of a unique experience, whether that experience is in a spa or your own home. Resorts around the world use Zents for guest spa treatments, in their salons and as part of room presentations.

The products are healthy for your skin, with ingredients like organic shea butter from Africa, green tea and chamomile. None of the products contain parabens, phthalates, sodium lauryl/eth sulfate, propylene glycol or dyes. Of course there is no animal testing, either.

Wind fully powers Zents’ facilities. Soapstone carved by Coen’s India hosts forms the containers for Zents’ intensive balm. Centuries-old techniques are used in the English countryside milling of each bar of Zents soap. These are just the beginning of Zents’ global, sustainable and environmentally conscious approach.

ZENTS: When the Going Gets Tough... | Roulez Magazine | RoulezMagazine.com

Sustainability that Makes Zents

The fragrances of Zents are entirely unique. They are fresh, soothing, energizing and yet calming. These scents are difficult to describe, other than to say their experience is one you must engage in for yourself. Coen’s lines gain their names from elements they resemble or attributes they feature, such as Mandarin, Fresh, Ore, Water, Earth, Petal, Sun, Oolong, Fig and Anjou.

Perhaps our favorite attribute of Zents fragrances and body products comes down to what they do not do. You see, Coen became intimately aware of what migraine sufferers experience. He understands the agony of being stuck in an elevator with someone who is wearing too much of an “offensive” perfume or cologne. For many of us, this almost immediately cuts our day short as we retreat into an abyss of pain. Finding your own perfect fragrance can be just as difficult if you experience migraines. There is little worse than your own scent making you physically sick.

ZENTS: When the Going Gets Tough... | Roulez Magazine | RoulezMagazine.comZents fragrances are indeed migraine sufferer-friendly. Most people who have these terrible headaches can use Zents products or be around them without triggering an episode. I personally have this issue and alternate between Earth, Ore, Fresh and Water. Ore is my definite favorite, with its slightly masculine, peppery and sexy scent. My daughter also suffers multi-day migraines and was ready for more Zents as quickly as I gave her the first bottle of Ore eau de toilette.

Find Your Own Zents

Whether you need healing or are healthy, Zents will take a place in your heart. Coen says his fragrances are “liquid memories” and I believe he is entirely correct. Visit Zents and find your own fragrance collection at Zents.com.

ZENTS: When the Going Gets Tough... | Roulez Magazine | RoulezMagazine.com

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