When a Guest “Shows Up” for Breakfast

Single adults are not often faced with the obligation of feeding more than one mouth – their own. As such, we eat out more often than other demographics. This leaves our pantries and refrigerators bare.

But there is one meal that we enjoy preparing for someone else at one time or another: breakfast. Nothing says, “Thanks for a lovely evening and for hanging around until the morning,” like something (else) hot, sweet and delicious.

To be prepared at all times for this culinary act of appreciation and reciprocation, here’s what you need to have on deck:

When a Guest Shows Up for Breakfast | Coffee | Photo by Kevin Menajang | Roulez Magazine
Photo by Kevin Menajang

Great Coffee

This isn’t the time to break out the everyday Joe, unless everyday Joe is at the table with you. Make sure you have some special coffee stashed away, either in a vacuum-sealed bag or in the freezer, that shows that overnight guest how special they are. Stay away from harsh, high-octane brews and keep your selection mellow, perhaps with a little hint of vanilla, cinnamon or hazelnut for fun.

A Selection of Breakfast Tea

Honestly, in the heat that leads up to that “Want to stay over?” moment, one of the last questions on your mind will be “Coffee or tea?” Cover all your bases with a small selection of fine teas, available in variety packs at any good grocer or gourmet store. Store it in a tin or plastic zipper back to keep it fresh. Go for blends loved worldwide, such as Earl Grey or English Breakfast.

When a Guest Shows Up for Breakfast | Chocolate Chip Pancakes | Photo by Sheena Wood | Roulez Magazine
Photo by Sheena Wood

Ingredients for Chocolate Chocolate Chip Pancakes with Sweetened Whipped Cream

Yes, even people on keto diets might appreciate a little indulgence in the morning, once in awhile. It’s called a “cheat day.”

But note we we said “ingredients” for Chocolate Chocolate Chip Pancakes. That means the molding box of powdered Bisquick is verboten, as is its sad, little add-water-to-the-bottle-and-shake sibling. Do not forget good maple syrup or chocolate sauce, either. This is no time to bust out the sticky jug of flavored high fructose corn syrup with the hardened drippy mess on the spout.

Breakfast Meat

Sweet pancakes are missing something without the complement of savory sausage, gourmet bacon or thinly sliced breakfast ham (also known as Canadian bacon). The sound of sizzling paired with an irresistible aroma will give your companion yet another reason to smile in the morning. Keep a pack or two in the freezer and throw whatever you plan to use in the fridge the night before. You can remember to do that, right? Just make a point of it when fetching the inevitable glass of water for your friend.

When a Guest Shows Up for Breakfast | Mimosa | Photo by Sable Blanco | Roulez Magazine
Photo by Sable Blanco

Mimosa Fixins

It was a wonderful night that has led to a delightful morning, so why not celebrate? Fill a champagne flute halfway with chilled bubbly and top it off with chilled orange juice and you have an appropriately festive beverage to mark a fantastic evening. Toast to more to come. 🙂

Bon appétit!

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