You Need a New Vice…Cream

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Vice Cream | Roulez Magazine

Smoking, drinking, cursing, gambling…these are becoming vices of the past. Adults of today are much more controlled, healthy and self-aware. We keep up appearances and keep ourselves up by doing what is good for us. But sometimes you just need to indulge. After all, a vice is not really that bad in moderation. Right?

Your next vice, your new guilty pleasure, is Vice Cream. Vice Cream is proud they are not high protein, low calorie, low fat, dairy free or sugar free. In other words, this ice cream is for ice cream lovers. If you are not an ice cream lover, perhaps the brand’s current campaign can get you there:

Vice Cream’s Raison d’Etre

Dan Schorr, founder and CIO of Vice Cream said, “We were getting tired of seeing so-called ice cream companies boasting about high-protein, low-fat and dairy-free ice cream. You have to live life. We take great pride in being the most decadent ice cream company out there.”

Vice Cream is a Boston-based brand with a cult following. They hope to make themselves a national brand with a national following. Vice and its flavors are rapidly expanding across the U.S., now available in grocery stores in the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and South.

Eight “super premium” flavors form the foundation of the brand: Choc of Shame, Higher Grounds, Breakfast in Bed, Bourbon Mash, Afternoon Delight, Toffee Wife, Minted and L’Orange a Trois. Clearly naming the line’s flavors has been a treat, in itself. The indulgent palate pleasers by any other names would likely taste just as sweet, but the brand is more fun under these teasing titles.

Vice Cream | Roulez Magazine

The Man Behind the Passionate Vice

Who is responsible for the genesis of Vice Cream, you might ask? That is Dan Schorr, the once-upon-a-time college student spending summers selling Good Humor truck wares to pay for his education. Dan later drew from his collegiate experience as inspiration to create his own brand. He wanted to develop a “rich, impossibly creamy version loaded with the most decadent mix-ins.”

Dan hit a stride with his new venture just as frightening news rocked his life. The active half-marathon runner was diagnosed with an aggressive form of lymphoma. Realizing this was the “cruel fate” he had not expected, Dan stared down a prognosis of about six months to live. He also faced a course of six rounds of chemo at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston.

This is when Dan’s passion for living kicked in. He followed his bliss, biked and continued working on what he calls his “soul-pleasing ice cream.” As of August 2016 Dan is cancer free, but not without his Vice. He returned strong and determined to not just live life, but to fully indulge in it.

Vice Cream | Roulez Magazine

Indulge in Your Own Vice

Indulge Dan does. You can, too. Vice Cream is available at Ahold, Key Foods, ShopRite, Food Emporium, Shaw’s, Roche Brothers, Star Market, Harris Teeter, Big Y and Dave’s Marketplace.


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