Steps Forward for ESCAPING FED

As everyone at Roulez Media gears up for the coming launch of our film ESCAPING FED, we happily announce our new companion website. The site offers expanded capabilities. It provides viewers, followers and fans with additional behind-the-scenes information and product options. These options come with greater news organization for reporters, too.

ESCAPING FED Film Art Prints Available on the New Website

One of our new product categories offers viewers the chance to purchase location photography art prints from the film. These locations include Milwaukee, Random Lake and Port Washington, Wisconsin landscapes from January 2019.

“Three Buildings Milwaukee” by Nicholas Crawford | Copyright 2019 Roulez Media LLC

Roulez Media Creative Director Nicholas Crawford captured these images only a few days prior to the Polar Vortex of 2019, during our production crew visit to the region. The photos also mark my first time revisiting Milwaukee, the District Attorney’s office in Waukesha, court rooms and some of the crime scenes.

“Random Lake” by Nicholas Crawford | Copyright 2019 Roulez Media LLC

Crawford’s Random Lake art print photo in particular holds significance to me, as the “backyard” view of my former residence. That residence is in the image’s background. I feared Random Lake after Fed made repeated threats for no one finding my body after murder. While the scene is not realistically one adequate for such disposal, the mere idea caused countless nightmares while I lived in that particular house.

“No Lifeguards” by Nicholas Crawford | Copyright 2019 Roulez Media LLC

On a happier note, other images show my former “thinking spots” in Port Washington, where I retreated for thought in design of my escape from Fed, my criminal offender. These shots include a playful “No Lifeguards” sign in a bank of snow and the moody landscape of the Port Washington lighthouse. The lighthouse is my favorite among the selection, due to its deep hues and heavy overtone.

“Port Washington Lighthouse” by Nicholas Crawford | Copyright 2019 Roulez Media LLC

Educational Screenings Also Made Available

An important new feature of the website is one permitting educational institution use of the film. The film proves well-suited for criminal justice, sociology, law, women’s studies and other programs. We make multiple screening and academic use options available for these colleges, universities, groups and programs. Likewise, these screenings enable the messaging of ESCAPING FED to reach next generations of law enforcement, attorneys, judges and citizens.

Investigation Journals Provide a Raw Glimpse Into Victimization

For people wanting to understand victimization at the hands of an empowered offender like Fed, the new website features seamless integration of my federal investigation-era journals. This collection of about 150 journals include those written between August 2014 and March 2017.

This collection reflects the journey of a victim, starting from pre-reporting to the federal agency. You see me transition from stalking to reporting, hopeful pursuit of justice to absolute betrayal and despair. Of course, some of the language reflects this struggle.

All of these writings took place before I knew of the latest victim of November 2017. Just as I gave up on hope for justice, the potential of a trial presented itself.

Moving ESCAPING FED Forward Into a New Chapter

With the new website, we feel more prepared for the film’s next steps toward publicity, screenings and exposure. We hope you like it as much as we do and look forward to seeing you around!

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