Sight & Sound: Learning to Fly with Marc Chagall

For this first Sight & Sound moment, let’s turn to some classics.

For me, driving in a convertible with the top down — or even a hardtop with all windows and the sunroof open — is flying. Sure, I’ve been over Alaska and throughout the continental U.S. in Cessnas of every size and color, as well as some DeHavillands. I have even slid down a German mountainside on a bobsled. But there is no flight like getting in your car without a destination in mind, then finding an open road on which to blast your music while letting the wind rip your soul from your body.

Pink Floyd’s Learning to Fly is a staple on my self-motivational playlist. It sets my soul free for a moment, while I keep one part of myself firmly held to the Earth and reality.

Learning to Fly also reminds me of Marc Chagall’s 1948 Four Tales from the Arabian Nights, a series from which this work stands out.

Marc Chagall's 1948 painting from Four Tales from the Arabian Nights.

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Kimberly Toms is a freelance writer, filmmaker, habitual road tripper and lover of all things travel. Life as a digital marketing and eCommerce consultant has allowed for pursuit of these poorly paying arts and hobbies, while life beyond the office continually beckoned to "get yer ass back on the road and into the wilderness." The wilderness is most often where you can find her. Check out more of Kimberly's work: Roulez Media | Escaping Fed | A Documentary Film | Hero Film Festival & Awards | Find her on: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | LinkedIn | YouTube | Pinterest

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