Claudia Ochoa: Lingerie Designed for Her

Photos: Daniel Mezick | Model: Becky Fox | Hair/MakeUp: Marnee Simon | Creative Director and Story: Kimberly Toms

In Medellin, Colombia, a raven-haired girl was raised among sewing machines, fabrics, trims and workers who toiled to produce quality garments. Somewhere around those tools, supplies and people of her family’s business, young Claudia Ochoa absorbed the love of design and undying ambition to take over the world’s fashion market, one pair of lace panties at a time. After graduating from Colombia’s foremost design school and working for ready-to-wear fashion houses in her native country, Claudia moved to New York City in 1999.

Chez Roulez | ChezRoulez.comBy 2003 Claudia’s CLO was launched with the interest of producing feminine, flattering lingerie influenced by the sophisticated modernity of the New York woman, but maintaining the passion, color and sensuality of her South American roots.

Considering that many lingerie lines are seemingly designed for the enticement of the viewer versus the comfort or confidence of the wearer, CLO lingerie is conceptualized and constructed to enhance the beauty of the woman under the garment. By creating fashions that appeal to the lady in the lingerie, Claudia has perfected the art of designing pieces that successfully heighten a woman’s sex appeal through the building of natural confidence one feels as CLO fabric softly hugs each curve and accentuates femininity.

The benefactor of this confidence is not only the wearer herself, but those who look upon her, absorbing and  innately responding to sexuality exuded. In essence, CLO lingerie is designed for the woman. Men simply reap the benefits.

As Claudia says, “Lingerie companies think they know what men want. But men often are interested in something more subtle,” less hard-core. “If the design is more for the man, lingerie feeds a woman’s insecurity and the man will see that. As women, I don’t think we want just fantasy. We want to come back to ourselves truly, to wear things that make us feel good, confident and successful. You give the guy more, when you design for the girl.”

Click through the images below, for a slideshow of CLO Intimo.

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