Brooklyn: Ultra-Sexy in Le Boudoir

In Brooklyn Heights, Le Boudoir opens its doors to those in the mood for cocktails and tete-a-tetes in an opulent bar fashioned after Marie Antoinette’s bed chamber. Using Rococo architectural and 18th century French design elements, Le Boudoir provides 75 guests with intimate, sumptuous surroundings featuring red velvet banquettes, marble surfaces, dim lighting and rich accents meant to inspire royal imaginings and engaging conversations.

Brooklyn: Ultra-Sexy in Le Boudoir | Roulez Magazine

Le Boudoir owners Ali Mardassi, Patricia Ageheim and Tarek Debira.

Le Boudoir is founded by husband and wife restaurateurs of French restaurant Chez Moi located just upstairs, Tarek Debira and Patricia Ageheim, along with their partner Ali Mardassi.

Stepping into the space is not an experience of a Brooklyn basement. Instead, it is a step back in time into Le Chauteau de Versailles and the Queen of France’s private quarters.

The underground bar is accessed through a replica of Marie Antoinette’s personal library bookshelves.

Brooklyn: Ultra-Sexy in Le Boudoir | Roulez Magazine

As if this does not make visitors feel enough like they are entering a proverbial rabbit hole, Le Boudoir’s marble bar, silver-plated goblets, coupes and crystal d’arques glassware does. Beer on draft is even served through a bust of Antoinette, herself.

A Steinway piano dresses an area adjacent to the bar. Jazz resonates through the space on Jazz Mondays.

Brooklyn: Ultra-Sexy in Le Boudoir | Roulez Magazine

The property’s faintly lit stone grotto provides a bit of seclusion and conversational quiet for guests to enjoy atop comfortable banquettes surrounded by stone walls and French neoclassical paintings, tucked into an abandoned tunnel under Atlantic Avenue.

Brooklyn: Ultra-Sexy in Le Boudoir | Roulez Magazine

Brooklyn: Ultra-Sexy in Le Boudoir | Roulez Magazine

Cocktails on the menu are designed by Franky Marshall, beverage director formerly of Manhattan’s Monkey Bar and The Dead Rabbit. The drink menu is an homage to Antoinette, like everything else in the space.

Brooklyn: Ultra-Sexy in Le Boudoir | Roulez Magazine

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