IKEA Shopping Bags: A Love Affair

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Yes, I have enjoyed a 13-year love affair with five blue IKEA Frakta shopping bags. Made of polypropylene and a little Swedish heart, these 19-gallon wonders of recyclable plastic have endured 19 household moves in 13 years. When I say they have endured these moves, they have literally made the relocations possible. Yet they are still in like-new condition.

I bought my IKEA totes in Philadelphia, never expecting them to hold up to my Navy brat and Air Force ex-wife transient lifestyle. It seems I change households like most people change bed linens. I like going where life suits me, exploring a region until I run out of adventures or transitioning when work takes me somewhere new.

The Game of, “What Can my IKEA Bag Carry?”

A 13-year old IKEA Frakta full of beach shoes, still going strong.

For each move I used these bags to transport everything from clothing still on hangers to parts of furniture. They easily tote the heaviest of books and dozens of pairs of stilettos. Three bags holds about 100 pair of shoes.

I have used the Fraktas to carry bathroom supplies, dishes, pots and pans, computers, flat screen televisions and…children. I’m kidding on that last one, but it could certainly happen. It probably did, at some point. They obviously survived.

The best things about these bags are how much they will hold, how the tear-proof handles fit so well over your forearms or shoulders, and how they roll up or fold flat to fit in the tightest of spaces. I stored mine between the clothes dryer and the wall, except when using them as storage.

When you load a bunch of these profanely blue, fully-packed Fraktas into your vehicle, you can fit so much more than you can with moving boxes. In fact, I have not bought moving boxes in these past 13 years.

I assumed everyone knew of this ancient military wife moving tactic. But just last week or so, a friend stared at me cluelessly when I brought up the subject of “those amazing IKEA bags.”

That simple stare lit a fire in me, a desire to publicly hail all that is great about IKEA’s Fraktas. But don’t take my word for it. Oh no. Check out the five star reviews on IKEA’s website and invest a whopping $1.49 of your own, to get at least one of these wunder bags yourself. You will soon find yourself playing the eternal game of, “What can I carry?”

IKEA is what C.Kimberly Toms refers to as “divorce central.” Getting a divorce or fleeing a psychopath with only what you can carry? Five or six of these babies will get you to your new spot – for mere pennies. Ironically, someone else has rewritten this post and claimed it as their own. But this is Kimberly’s story and we’re stickin’ to it! At Roulez Magazine, we write our own content from our own, real-life and photo-documented experiences.


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