Introducing Hero Film Festival & Awards

Roulez Media is very pleased to announce Hero Film Festival & Awards, an annual screening festival for short and feature length films. Based out of the largest military community on the East Coast, Hampton Roads of Virginia, the international festival recognizes depictions of heroes on screen that inspire and set the example for future generations.

Hero Film Fest logo, as designed by Jordan Satow |

Selected films advance to annual awards and screening in the festival’s hub of Portsmouth-Norfolk-Virginia Beach, Virginia. Film juries consist of actual everyday heroes from law enforcement, firefighting, branches of the military, victim advocacy and other community service fields, along with known filmmakers.

The festival is an effort to inspire filmmakers to remain conscious of how pop culture influences and even shapes our world. Through the power of film, we hope to help more people realize their own power to do the right things for our fellow man. We also hope to encourage greater diversity in these fields of work, such as enticing more young women into law enforcement.

From the personal experience of working on Roulez Media’s own film, Escaping Fed, and through its associated victimization, we learned life lessons about how hard it can be to find a hero when one is so desperately needed.

As we looked to our own skill sets for how we can help bring this change, over 35 years of marketing combined with years of commercial, television and film work for our team to contribute to society within our fields of work. We considered producing an episodic series for a while, to answer to our need to bring a silver lining to our recent experience. But the festival was a much better fit at this time and for our future. We may still consider episodic work or other projects. At this juncture, we know we are at the right place and time for Hero Film Festival & Awards.

Hero Film Festival & Awards (HFFA) is our alternative to projecting anger, fighting the status quo, or picketing for change after our years-long, difficult journey. Art mimics life and art can influence life in many ways. That is our hope here, with the festival.

HFFA annual awards and screenings taking place each April.

We all need a hero at some time in our lives. So we look to a future where such heroism is less of an anomaly and more mainstream.

Below is the promotional trailer for Roulez Media’s Hero Film Festival & Awards. Filmmakers are encouraged to visit the festival’s website at and to submit works through Film Freeway.

Hero Film Festival & Awards Trailer by Nicholas Crawford | Copyright 2019 Roulez Media

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