Hero Film Festival & Awards: A Writer’s Retrospective

Close up of an eye, Silhouette of children, hooded man hiding face in hands, hands waving American flags, Close up of dog.

Engaging with these incredible filmmakers has truly changed my life. I have often had to pinch myself because I still can’t believe this is part of my job. And while Hero Film Festival & Awards wasn’t able to honor all of these creators with awards, these articles will continue to help spread awareness of their respective issues.

Thankfully, this process is far from over, as Hero Film Festival & Awards is now accepting submissions for its live event next spring! Submit your film today and stay tuned for more updates.

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About Author

Nicholas is a graduate of Old Dominion University’s film program where he served as editor for many of the department’s faculty/student co-productions. Independently, his work has been showcased in festivals all over the United States, Europe and Asia. Nicholas is passionate about fiction writing, photography and filmmaking. He recently edited Escaping Fed, a feature-length documentary film also by Roulez. He also currently serves as the Creative Director for Roulez Media.

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