Hero Film Festival & Awards: A Writer’s Retrospective

The first season of Hero Film Festival & Awards, a program that celebrates depictions of heroism in film, ran from March of 2019 to August. In May, it was decided that in addition to honoring certain films with awards, we could also use Roulez Magazine to shine a spotlight. As a filmmaker myself, I understood the benefit of a bit of good press. Over the following weeks, I published ten articles featuring some of the most incredible people I have ever met.

Laurel for Hero Film Festival & Awards 2019
Laurel for Hero Film Festival & Awards 2019 | Designed by Jordan Satow | © Roulez Media

This endeavor was not one I persued flippantly. Having watched each film as it was submitted, I understood the gravity of what the festival had become. I needed to make sure I was both respectful and impartial. The latter was achieved by choosing the films to request interviews from completely at random. As one member of the jury that would eventually be judging these projects, I couldn’t show favoritism beforehand.

I had no idea how the jury would receive each film as a whole. My responsibility was to give the filmmakers an opportunity to spread their message through another avenue. Thankfully, each of the selected films carried with it a beautiful story and a passionate filmmaker.

Continue forward to see the spotlighted films!

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Nicholas is a graduate of Old Dominion University’s film program where he served as editor for many of the department’s faculty/student co-productions. Independently, his work has been showcased in festivals all over the United States, Europe and Asia. Nicholas is passionate about fiction writing, photography and filmmaking. He recently edited Escaping Fed, a feature-length documentary film also by Roulez. He also currently serves as the Creative Director for Roulez Media.

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