Haunted Places: Five Spots That Spooked Us

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By Kimberly Toms

I have been all over the country and in Europe as both a traveler and a resident. I have experienced many spooky situations of both ghostly types and living human types. Yes I admit I believe in ghosts, something I would never have publicly admitted before ghost hunting television shows became so mainstream. I had my first ghostly experience at age seven and as I type this it is my first time to ever admit that to anyone.

In fact, in six years within one of my childhood homes thought by many to be haunted, I did not sleep a full night once. Some places are just livelier after dark. Knocking on walls and rattling doorknobs keeping half a family awake each night can only be explained away “logically” for so long. We were a grumpy family, a tired one. Some of us admit what we went through. Some of us deny despite running screaming from bed during more than one night. Certain things happen and you as a human are either of the nature to believe or discount. Sometimes it is just easier to say, “It didn’t happen.”

One thing I have learned through all of my travels is that one person’s cocktail party is another’s haunted moment. It seems that haunting is in the eye of the beholder, just like subjective beauty. I believe ghosts exist and they are all around us, as well as that one should be wary of the negative ones.

But then again, I was born in New Orleans. Perhaps all of this ghostly stuff is just in my nature because I am derived of the most haunted and superstitious city in the country.

Spooky Versus Not-So-Spooky

Just as many of us in the world believe there are positive and negative spirits, there are also different types of haunted places. Some are hallowed halls not to be disrespected through cheap folklore or antics of curiosity. Such is the case for me with burial grounds or places of battle. Respect and reverence are due on some land, I believe.

So this list of five favorite haunts comes with caveats. First, these are places widely known already to be spooky and have bumps in the night. Second, some of the so-called hauntings have been a positive experience for me while other places evoke extreme fear, anxiety or sadness. Rather than just throwing out a blanket spooky vibe, I will explore what I experienced so you can one day compare notes and determine for yourself “what is out there.”

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About Author

Kimberly Toms is a freelance writer, filmmaker, habitual road tripper and lover of all things travel. Life as a digital marketing and eCommerce consultant has allowed for pursuit of these poorly paying arts and hobbies, while life beyond the office continually beckoned to "get yer ass back on the road and into the wilderness." The wilderness is most often where you can find her. Check out more of Kimberly's work: Roulez Media | Escaping Fed | A Documentary Film | Hero Film Festival & Awards | KimberlyToms.com Find her on: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | LinkedIn | YouTube | AdAge Amp | Pinterest

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