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A social lifestyle inevitably means having guests within your home. Whether these are romantic or platonic friends, the secrets you keep in your cabinets and closets can pop out to haunt you if you do not ensure your privacy is protected while guests are made welcome.

Chez Roulez | ChezRoulez.comIt is human nature to snoop. Most people give into that nature, although very few would ever admit it. A simple trip to the powder room can mean a simple trip into your medicine cabinet and a quick browse around your prescriptives. A peek into the bathtub behind the shower curtain can bring fright and disclose that you are not really that much of a housekeeper.

Overall, the state of your bathroom is an indication of your own personal hygiene. Ensure you give the best impression by remembering the details, sponge in hand.

Pick up.

Launder dirty or wet towels and ensure all clothing and other items are removed from the floor, corners and cabinetry.  Empty the wastebasket and place a new garbage liner in the can.

Clean up.

Sweep the floor at the very minimum, ensuring you catch all of the loose strands and balls of hair. Mop if you have time to do so. Mopping with a good cleaning fluid will provide a fresh scent. Ensure you shut the bathroom door to sweep and mop behind it. Clean all surfaces, mirrors and fixtures. If you have a shower curtain or glass shower surround, clean both sides. Do not forget to clean the toilet, its seat and inside the bowl. If you have a ratty hair brush, goopy toothbrushes or other messy personal care items, stow them away.

Stock up.

Place a new roll of toilet tissue on the dispenser and ensure an extra roll is easy to find under the sink or on the back of the toilet tank. Hang freshly laundered towels on the racks and ensure fresh soap is placed in the soap dish. Keep toothpaste, mouthwash and dental floss where guests may find it easily, should they have the need.

Put up.

To avoid appearing “high maintenance,” put away as many of your personal care products as possible. This includes the ones in the shower or tub.

Lock up.

Keeping medicines in the medicine cabinet is a sure-fire invitation for your guests to know what all of your ailments or kinks are. At least for the one evening or daytime visit, put your prescriptions in a kitchen cabinet, closet or bedroom end table.

Dress up.

Decor does matter. Guest towels should be neutral in color and patterns. Make sure the towels match. Place a pretty photo on the bathroom counter along with a candle to provide both light and scent.

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