Going Micro: Tiny Hotel Rooms

Forget tiny houses. As a hip trend, that is so last year.  What’s hot now in tiny living spaces is the tiny hotel room, something you will see and hear more of in 2016 and beyond.

A good example of these little lodgings is the Tommie Hotel in Hudson Square of New York, slated to open its doors within weeks. A second New York location will be opening late 2016 on 31st Street, with a third in Hollywood in 2017.

Tommie Hotel New York | Roulez Magazine

Averaging only 180 square feet, these micro rooms provide everything needed from hotel lodging space without waste. Inclusions of each room are efficient – from interior design to work space and, of course, the shower head. But “efficient” does not necessarily mean cheap or insufficient, unlike low dollar motel chains cutting corners by using cardboard-textured towels and paper-thin blankets.

In fact, using less square footage provides ample opportunity for the hotel to supply upscale robes, towels and bed linens. Mini-refrigerators and hairdryers are standard in most micro-rooms, also unlike the stripped down motel chains.

Tommie Hotel New York | Roulez Magazine

According to Tommie CEO Niki Leondakis in an interview with the New York Times, “We conceived the brand as a forum of creativity for travelers that will have innovative programming, partnerships and amenities. One example is our communal public areas, which will have activities offered each day, like a crowd-sourced art project or a fitness class from a studio in the neighborhood.”

Of the smaller room sizes, Leondakis replied, “We’re forthcoming with the fact that the rooms are of a micro-scale, and promoting an approach to design that maximizes every square foot.”

Tommie Hotel Hollywood | Roulez Magazine

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