Membership in the Roulez Crown Collection forms a new foundation for your brand’s future. Crown properties first undergo a stringent review process before inclusion in the Collection. This selectivity brings greater value to your ultimate participation, serving as a clear mark of quality and prestige. 

As part of your membership, Roulez Media amplifies your voice and extends your story through multiple forms of digital media on a broad landscape of platforms. With the goal of providing real growth for your business, we ensure repeated exposure to your ideal market.

Roulez Media does not accept commissions from participating properties. In fact, each entity entitled to claim our Crown maintains a position of equality among all members, regardless of business size, offerings and geography.

Read more about Roulez Crown Collection here. Then contact us to learn about specific services provided to all of our members. We look forward to speaking with you and making you a part of our Roulez brand family!

We Tell Your Brand Story in New, Creative Ways

Whether you have elevator pitches, talking points and article content for your brand on automatic recall, or you struggle to encapsulate your brand in words, Roulez Magazine provides a new edge to your story. We tell your story from our perspective, one of experienced marketing communications professionals and your target demographic.

Once we start writing about your property or offerings, we do not stop. We continue through a series of well-timed explorations that fully portray your brand to people seeking what you offer.

Unlike social media posts, well-crafted content does not get lost in a stream of thousands. Through full understanding of Google and SEO best practices, we keep your story top of search and more readily top of mind.

Meanwhile, backlinks and cross-links expand your own website’s power and reputation. Every little bit helps toward your company growth. In annual increments, we commit ourselves to fueling such growth through intelligent editorialization, quality photography and engaging videos. Of course, we do the social media thing, too — to our audience of hundreds of thousands of monthly visitors.

30+ Years of Experience

We have successfully marketed and editorialized destinations, hospitality brands, restaurants and other tourism-related businesses for over three decades.

We also have 30 years’ experience in franchising, operations, brand development, menu development, property opening and executive leadership for hotels, restaurants and retail operations. Our background spans Europe and North America, including Alaska, Puerto Rico, six provinces of Canada and one Canadian territory.

Consultative Approach

At Roulez, our Crown properties are our top priority. For these clients, we provide marketing communications consultation as we approach ongoing editorialization of each property and their offerings in Roulez Magazine.

Our every effort focuses on what will work toward the property’s best interests. We tell brand stories that shine a positive light on true assets. Of course, our roster includes brands we stand behind with integrity.



President | Publisher

C.Kimberly Toms has been involved in marketing and media since the age of 14, when she first appeared in television commercials. As part of a lengthy digital marketing career and as an agency owner, she has worked in technology, television, major motion pictures, independent film, digital video and as creative director/producer of still photography fashion shoots. Kimberly also owned a prior digital publication for seven years, before selling that brand.

All of these accomplishments add to her background across multiple industries, including hospitality, tourism, retail and personal services. Before starting Roulez, Kimberly served as Chief Marketing Officer of an IR Top 400.

Kimberly is currently the President of Roulez Media and the Roulez brand family. She frequently freelances as a writer and has written over four million words and 5,000 articles. Kimberly and the Roulez Media team also just completed a documentary film about her own crime victimization at the hands of a highly empowered serial offender, for which she was the writer and producer-director.

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Creative Director | Photographer

Nicholas Crawford is a graduate of Old Dominion University’s award winning film program where he served as editor for many of the department’s faculty/student co-productions. Independently, his work has been showcased in festivals all over the United States, Europe and Asia. Nicholas is passionate about fiction writing, editing and filmmaking. He recently edited, captured film and championed for Escaping Fed, a feature-length documentary film also by Roulez Media. He currently serves as the Creative Director, Filmographer and Film Editor for Roulez Media.

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We would love to write about your brand in Roulez Magazine and as part of our Crown Collection. If you own or manage a customer-centered company like those of the Crown Collection, contact us to discuss what Roulez Media can do for you. 

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