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Are you seeking to expand your digital media footprint? Want to see your name in lights? Well, we can shine our little light on you here.

If you have a story to tell or want to regularly contribute to Roulez Media, we seek writers and photographers with something to say. Simply join our brand-spanking new Facebook group and let us know.

We take a relaxed approach to all things we do. Roulez Media and Roulez Magazine are borne of tenacity and full enjoyment of the freedoms we experience here, in the good ol’ US of A. Our enjoyment is hard won, so we focus on stories and images that speak of rehabbing a life, renewing your spirit and relaxing for enjoyment of life’s little and big moments.

The interpretation of our “Rehab | Renew | Relax” tagline is loose and wide. So do not be afraid to lend your pen or lens in how you interpret these sections. Like our page, join the group and message us to kick around some ideas.

If we accept your work, you gain a contributor’s page of your own. This is priceless as you build your resume and expand your stake hold in the webosphere. So join now and start talking to us!

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About Author

Kimberly Toms is a freelance writer, filmmaker, habitual road tripper and lover of all things travel. Life as a digital marketing and eCommerce consultant has allowed for pursuit of these poorly paying arts and hobbies, while life beyond the office continually beckoned to "get yer ass back on the road and into the wilderness." The wilderness is most often where you can find her.

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