Color of the Year: 2020 Will Be Blue

PANTONE® is the global authority on color, particularly when it comes to design and style trends. House paints, fashion trends and decor all maintain a foundation in PANTONE, relying on the organization’s numbering system as the language of color. Each December for the past two decades, PANTONE has announced the upcoming 12 months’ Color of the Year. You will see this color in product design, fabrics, decor, advertising, on runways and in all forms of media for the next 365 days.

So what is the color of 2020, you may ask? According to PANTONE, the Color of the Year for our best year ever (and yours, too) is Classic Blue. Specifically, in designer-speak, the precise shade is Classic Blue 19-4052.

PANTONE Color of the Year 2020 - Classic Blue 19-4052 | C.Kimberly Toms | Roulez Magazine

What is Classic Blue, in terms of everyday life?

Blue is a deep sea at dusk, a predawn sky and nighttime — just before the stars come out to sparkle. Blue is honesty, integrity, loyalty, technology, friendship, big business and diplomacy. Presidents wear blue neckties when they wish to appear bipartisan and “business as usual.” Blue suits are status quo and well-managed.

Blue is hope, independence and fidelity. As single adults, blue signifies confidence in one’s singlehood. In a relationship, blue is contentedness in the pairing. Sometimes blue is cheekiness with a flair for the unusual or unspoken.

Blue offers some certainty in its resolve and presence throughout Nature. It is steadfast, strong, and yet subtle. If the Color of the Year Classic Blue was a spoken word, it would be one from a romance language articulated at just the right clarity and tone. Blue brings calm while evoking thoughts of infinity.

Blue is a neutral, like black. But with blue you do not bring or feel a gloomy heaviness. It is neither passion, nor resignation. Classic blue is “que sera, sera” — what will be, will be. For anyone looking for bigger and better, blue is what could be in the great beyond that is tomorrow, next week and forever.

Look for the Color of the Year and Live It In 2020

Keep your eyes open for Classic Blue throughout 2020. If you are turning over a new leaf, redesigning your home, adding to your closet or just seeking a change of scenery, try incorporating a little Classic Blue of your own.

Happy New Year and may the Color of the Year, Classic Blue 19-4052, grace your 2020!

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