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Kansas City, Missouri cityscape skyline as night falls over downtown

Leg 5: Kansas City to Holly, CO Area

Pass Through

Dodge City, KS

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About the Route

You know the Wild West is beckoning for you to get the heck into Dodge, where you can experience much of the original Old West. Stroll the streets walked by Bat Masterson and Wyatt Earp and visit Boot Hill Cemetery to pay your respects to those buried with their boots on through 1878. A wax museum, live shows and so much more offer a glimpse into Dodge City’s colorful past. After leaving Dodge City, pay attention to your energy. If you see a roadside motel around the Kansas-Colorado border, stop as warranted. Motels and other lodging facilities are sparse enough that you shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to stop for rest when needed. Keep your road trip safe, folks.

Side Trips & Must Do

Dodge City’s collection of museums, shows, shops, and Wild West reenactments

Foods You Must Try

Dine like a cowboy and partake in the stick-to-your-ribs goodness from locally raised, harvested and prepared foods.

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Historic Dodge City, Kansas | Coast-to-Coast Road Trip | Roulez Magazine
Historic Dodge City, Kansas | Photo by
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