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Gettysburg, PA Battlefield | Coast-to-Coast Road Trip | Roulez Magazine
Gettysburg, PA Battlefield

Leg 2: Gettysburg to Charleston, WV

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Cumberland, MD

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About the Route

Drive from Gettysburg to Cumberland, MD, a quaint town dating to 1787. Take in the historic sights there. Then, if glassblowing is of interest to you, venture from Cumberland to Simon Pearce’s glassblowing facility in Mountain Lake Park, MD. There you can watch artisans blowing glass in the same fashion as the original Simon Pearce shop in Kilkenny, Ireland.

Continue taking in the Appalachian Mountains of Western Maryland as you drive into West Virginia. Along the way, enjoy the picturesque beauty of area mountains and villages, ensuring you stop for some Instagram moments.

In West Virginia, enjoy historic Charleston for its food, cultural attractions, architectural sights, and slow pace. Take a short jaunt about 45 miles south of the state capitol to Beckley, where Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine provides an intriguing glimpse into the coal mining heritage of West Virginia, including a mining veteran-led tour at 1,500 feet beneath the surface while riding in authentic “man cars.”

Side Trips & Must Do

Appalachian Mountains, glassblowing and shopping at Simon Pearce, Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine, historic Charleston

Foods You Must Try

Maryland’s official dessert is the Smith Island Cake, an 8- to 10-layer concoction of yellow cake and chocolate frosting. Also traditional are beaten biscuits and – of course – crab cakes. West Virginia is known for Golden Delicious apples, apple butter, and pepperoni rolls. Pepperoni rolls were traditionally carried into the coal mines for a quick and hearty lunch.

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Glass Blowing at Simon Pearce | Coast-to-Coast Road Trip | Roulez Magazine
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