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Long considered a food fit for kings and gods, chocolate has been treasured since its creation. So it is no surprise that chocolate has become the most traditional romantic gift for conveyance of admiration and desire. Touted by many as an aphrodisiac, sinfully rich chocolate is luxurious, sensual and delicious. Though most people don’t need a reason to enjoy chocolate, it is surprisingly good for you, too.

Chocolate’s history and its link to love, passion and sensuality can be traced back to the Aztecs who used a liquid form of it in their wedding ceremonies. They also used it as a sexual stimulant and to enhance mood. Emperor Montezuma supposedly drank large amounts of chocolate before visiting his harem. In fact, Cacao beans, the origin of chocolate, were so prized that they were used as currency.

Chez Roulez | ChezRoulez.comBecause of that monetary value the wealthy were the most frequent benefactors of the chocolate’s great taste and supposed side effects. Chocolate thus began its history of being linked to luxury. The image of it as a food of the wealthy continues today through emerging interest in high-quality artisan brands. And it’s no wonder, as the decadent flavor, scent and texture of higher quality chocolate instantly makes the indulger feel like royalty.

It took the addition of sugar cane juice, honey and other flavorings for chocolate to gain acceptance in Europe. Once those sweetening additions were made, passion spread like wildfire. By the 1800s, chocolate had become the ideal Valentine’s Day gift. One theory about why it is so linked to the holiday of lovers points to the use of chocolate by doctors to soothe broken hearts. Another theory is that wise marketing of the candy in heart shaped boxes led to presentation as gifts to a sweetheart or someone secretly admired.

Silky, sweet chocolate is the choice of many to ease through melancholy. A bite of high quality chocolate evokes sighs of pleasure, a release of all that is negative and a feeling of satisfaction. This is primarily due to its soothing components of theobromine and serotonin. For many, good chocolate is a loyal companion at the ready to improve the worst of days. “Chocoholics” now very unapologetically claim this love.

You can unapologetically claim your love for decadent chocolate, too. Roulez Magazine recommends these ultimate brands of creamy love, each of which make the one who indulges instantly feel like their very own king, queen, or god.

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