5 Tips for Moving with Your Pet

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No matter the distance, moving can be very taxing, especially for your pet. That is why it is so important to plan each aspect of a move, so the change does not take too much of a toll on anyone involved – human or animal.

“Moving with a pet requires careful planning to help ensure a smooth transition for the whole family,” said Dave Bradey, vice president of people and organization at Mars Petcare North America. 

Keep these tips in mind as you make your move and refer to BetterCitiesForPets.com for information on keeping the animals in your life as happy and comfortable as possible wherever you live or take your pet.

Photo By Lydia Torrey
Photo by Lydia Torrey

Check In with Your Vet

Before moving, it is important to make sure your pet is healthy. A trip to your local veterinarian will give you peace of mind in knowing that your furry friend has all of the proper vaccinations and treatments they need. The last thing anyone wants is to subject an unhealthy pet to the chaos of relocating.

Research in advance to find a new vet. This makes your pet’s transition easier. Update your animal’s microchip to reference your new address as well.

Photo By Eddy Lackmann
Photo by Eddy Lackmann

Research Your New Neighborhood

Focus on local pet owner guidelines in your new city. You may be required to register your animal with your city or neighborhood to ensure your furry friend’s safety.  Look into places where animals are welcomed and presence is restricted. 

Visit BetterCitiesForPets.com for ways you can help your new town become more pet-friendly.

Photo By Andrew Pons
Photo by Andrew Pons

Pack a Pet Bag

So you never have to rush or struggle to find your pet’s necessities, designate a convenient means of carrying the items your pet might need during the move. While you should obviously include food, packing a favorite blanket or toy is also a good idea.

Photo By Evan Qu
Photo by Evan Qu

Take a Room-By-Room Tour

When presenting your new living space to your animal, be cautious not to overwhelm them. Introduce them to each new room individually so they can adjust more naturally to the place. Note whether they feel comfortable in each room. Before you know it, your pet will start to feel at home and even choose their own favorite area.

Photo By Jay Wennington
Photo by Jay Wennington

Give Extra Love and Attention

It is vital that no matter how you feel before, during and after a long move, you remember to make sure your pet feels loved and comfortable. Pedigree Dentastix Treats are not only good for your pet’s teeth but also provide a delicious treat.

Adapting to a routine will help both you and your pet find normalcy in this hectic time. Animals need love, care, attention, stability and structure. Following these guidelines will help you ensure they remain happy and healthy no matter where you live.  

Dave Bradley adds, “As someone who recently moved with two dogs, I can’t tell you how valuable it is to have access to pet-friendly public areas throughout the moving process. Mars Petcare is committed to encouraging cities to create more pet-friendly public spaces, like parks and rest stops, which can help make moving with a pet easier and more enjoyable. Our four-legged friends should be welcome wherever we are.”

SOURCE: Mars Petcare | Family Features

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